Our Wedding Planning Consultants


Known for her enthusiastic personality and impeccable organizational skills, Jennifer is an invaluable asset to any client. She is able to think on her feet and bring countless solutions to any situations that may arise during her events. Whether her clients need everything from start to finish or just day of execution, Jennifer is there to make sure every detail is perfect.

A graduate of Saint Joseph’s University, Jennifer began her career in the hospitality industry in 2005. She worked as a sous chef and event coordinator for a well-known catering company in New Jersey. Her vast knowledge of food and beverage and operational experience are great assets to the team.

Since joining the Kaleidoscope team in 2012, Jennifer has been a part of countless special events. Jennifer has even put together an exceptionally magical wedding in under five weeks! Upon meeting her, you will immediately notice that she is hard-working, professional and extremely passionate about what she does. Every event will receive Jennifer’s full attention and will be executed flawlessly!

Lisa Marie

Born and raised in St. Augustine Florida, I am a sucker for beauty and history in natural details. Now, a seasoned resident of Pennsylvania, I couldn’t be happier and blessed to be able to spend so much time in this country’s most historical and beautiful establishments and parks, all in part of YOUR special day! 

It is YOUR day after all and that is exactly what I am here for! We can bullet point the services all day long but at the end of it, you will NEED support with ideas, emotion, tasks, family, etiquette, etc. Google can only offer so much 😉 I am a strong believer that your wedding planner should be a friend. I look forward to getting to know you and your family. Your wedding day is all about you, the bride and groom, with regard to those you chose to share this most special day with – if anyone needs anything, I’ll be there.

I find that I become just as passionate about your wedding as you do. I often worry that when it comes time for my special day it will be near impossible to find a “Me” for Me! So, I work for you as hard as I’d expect anyone to for me and your concerns and cares become mine. I am dedicated and obsessed with you LOVING your wedding day from the smallest detail (which certainly isn’t small to you) to the big picture. Every love story is unique; it is important that your wedding is a visual expression of your story.


Gina’s event planning career developed in 2010 while organizing her own wedding with the help of Clayre Cardi. It was a perfect match, and Gina quickly became the first employee of Kaleidoscope Solutions. With a 15 year history both in hospitality and as a manager of a boutique law firm in Philadelphia, Gina brings not only impeccable attention to detail and organization, but swift creativity to every event. She is logical, imaginative, and poised, allowing her to absorb the stress of surprises with rhythm and grace.

Gina has built a career foundation on honesty, authenticity and thoughtful commitment to her clients. She treats every couple as family and values the lasting relationships she has built. She cherishes and focuses on each and every “story” and has been known to share in tears of joy. She has cultivated a team of creative and talented partners in her selection of vendors, whose collaboration she trusts will compliment her client’s style and overall vibe. She is inspired and challenged by ever-changing wedding trends. Whatever the vision may be, Gina will help design, edit and execute an effortless and unforgettable wedding experience.


Clayre started her event planning business in 2009. While her intention was to work with corporate clients, her first three clients were brides who wanted to use her organizational skills to help make their weddings run smoothly. During the first 6 months, Clayre worked with these brides and quickly realized that wedding planning was in her future. After just two short years, Kaleidoscope Weddings was officially born. Now handling close to 35 weddings a year, it has been a successful journey, and she has been able to help countless brides enjoy the most important day of their lives.

A combination of great organization and clever ideas makes Clayre a planner extraordinaire. Thinking outside of the box to create a wedding beyond the “norm” is one of her favorite things to do. Every wedding is different and each bride has a vision that is specific to their personality. Assisting each bride with their wedding planning is a magical and enjoyable experience for Clayre. Making sure that all of the details are seen through, and that the day runs smoothly and on schedule is the end result of every wedding that Clayre plans. The best part of Clayre’s day – looking at her bride, in all of her glory, and knowing that she had something to do with making her happy on the most important day of her life :).