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Chelsea Johnson

Lead Planner


Did I ever image myself as a wedding planner? Absolutely not!

 In 2013, I attended Drexel University’s accelerated nursing program in hopes to work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. My dream was to take care of kids, just like my nurse, Nicole, did for me when I was a child. Half way through my first year I realized that nursing was not the career for me, but I still wanted to work with children. After taking the remaining school year off, I applied to The Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!) and shifted my focus to obtaining a communications degree. At Penn State, I found THON – a fundraising organization whose primary goal is to help raise awareness and support the fight against pediatric cancer. It was the prefect mix for me; planning, organizing, executing and kids. 

To expand my knowledge in non-profit fundraising and organizations, I took an internship with City of Hope.  City of Hope is an organization that is dedicated to helping people living with cancer and life-threatening illnesses. I assisted the Philadelphia and San Diego offices with their social media platforms and fundraisers. After my non-profit experience, I took a turn to just event planning, and took my final internship with INK Creative Group, where I planned an art exhibition celebrating African-American Television in Brooklyn, New York.   

 After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!), I had to make a decision to either continue with non-profit fundraising or make the jump into event planning. In 2018, I joined the Kaleidoscope team as a day of assistant for weddings. Never in my life did I consider weddings, but after my first few events, I realized that this was exactly the place for me. I learned quickly and adjusted my skills to match what Kaleidoscope was looking for in a planner.  Shortly after starting with Kaleidoscope, I became a back-up planner and was responsible for keeping the groom and groomsmen in order! Finally, in 2022, I started taking my own clients, making sure their dream wedding became a reality! I finally found where I belong!

Am I a wedding planner, absolutely YES!

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