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Wedding Beach Decor

Are you waiting with nervous excitement for your very own wedding day? Have you decided to tie the knot with sand between your toes and waves beyond the horizon?

If you’re yearning for the romantic venue of a lifetime, then you’ve made the right choice by choosing a beach for your wedding.

There’s a lot to think about when planning beach wedding décor, but the top three considerations should include durability of your flowers, creativity with your props, and flexibility with the weather.

Kaleidoscope Weddings offers a wide variety of services to help make your wedding day a beautiful one. If you’re looking for wedding vendors in Philadelphia, then Kaleidoscope Weddings has exactly what you need to make your day flow with effortless grace. When it comes to a distinctive celebration like a wedding, there’s no room for error or disorganization. Our planners help create a day that is both tasteful and unique You don’t need to worry about the details with Kaleidoscope Weddings on your side, and when it comes to beach wedding décor, we’ve got you covered.

At Kaleidoscope Weddings, we know that every couple deserves to have a memorable wedding day. Our expert team of wedding planners is at your service when it comes to helping you decide how to handle your flowers, your props, and your weather. We recommend that you consult with a local florist who can help guide you in the right direction for flower choices. Since you’re going to be on the beach, it makes sense to go with heartier varieties like bright orchids, resilient chrysanthemums or versatile plumeria. You can tuck them inside pails or even plant them in large conch shells along the sandy aisle. Each is undeniably hardy and holds up nicely regardless of weather conditions.

Choosing your props is by far the best part of planning a beach wedding. You’ve got so much to choose from, and the only limit is your imagination. We love the look of simple grasses tucked inside pails with some sand and then draped with a little burlap. It’s simple and rustic. You can use pieces of driftwood as centerpieces and even find shells to decorate the seating area or the space where you’ll exchange vows.

What about parasols? You can get creative and tuck them along the aisle so that they make an amazing color display and protect you from the sun, too. How about cutting out tiny surfboards from balsa wood and then painting them in your wedding theme color? You can write your names and the date on them. Storm lanterns are another creative prop for your beach wedding. If you are in the throes of wedding planning in New Jersey, then Kaleidoscope Weddings can help you get started.

Remember to keep your plans flexible because being outside puts you at the whim of Mother Nature. Have a backup plan, such as a little hut where people can huddle if the wind gets too bad, or if a storm passes through. You can always provide umbrellas and lightweight blankets, too, in case it gets too breezy or too bright. As long as you keep an open mind, your wedding will be a success, and you’ll have one amazing day to remember.

leaves decoration